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Leadership & Growth

You are going to feel as if you are in business for yourself, with the support of a national company.

Phil Tocci
Regional Sales Leader, NMLS #41191
Phil brings decades of experience to his work with Academy and knows what Loan Officers need to elevate.


Academy's leadership does not micromanage. They act intentionally and consistently as your partner to fulfill what you want to achieve.


One main reason that our Loan Officers feel in charge of their path at Academy is because we’re an independent lender and we’ve remained that way through all the market swings over the last 30 years.



Academy heavily reinvests in each individual employee to achieve his or her growth plan with money and resources.


Academy Mortgage is a purpose-driven business. It's more than a mantra or “corporate value.” Everything we say we will do, we do.


Academy Mortgage is a two-way street. Our best ideas come from the field. More often than not, those in the field bring their thinking to leadership then watch it come to life.


Everyone here has the time to listen and provide support. If it isn’t their lane, they will listen to you, and then put you in the right lane to get the answers you need.

Heather Jenkins
Regional Operations Manager

Heather is an industry professional who describes Academy as a place where “you don’t believe it until you see it, then you know.”


Get support for growth, not numbers

We build our processes around each team, and we give our attention to those who need operational support to grow that team. We grow our teams the right way and with the right support.

Give input

Everyone is an equal part of the teams here, including Loan Officers. That’s not just talk. We’ve nurtured a culture where there’s a shared responsibility of both action and success. We make joint decisions, and we own the results when we do.

Stay autonomous

A Loan Officer knows their market, clientele, and strengths. Here, you’re very much the captain of your ship. Know this: If you bring a great idea to the table, we'll work with you to implement it.

Be heard

There really is a direct contact correlation between the processing team, the underwriters, and the closers. No one is working in a silo. So, when you have concerns, questions, or ideas, your role or title doesn’t matter. You will be heard and supported, all the way up to the Home Team level.

Feel like a customer

It can be a shock for Loan Officers who come here from a bank. We’re more focused on the customer experience, which includes our Loan Officers. Like borrowers, we know you have choices, too.

Why Academy

Elevate ourselves to elevate others: Here at Academy, that is exactly what we do—and beyond. Our goal is to Inspire Hope and Deliver the Dream of homeownership. We outshine them all with a powerful collaboration between Sales and Operations. There is no divide: just teamwork, family, and unconditional support. Here at Academy, you feel right at home!

—David Mannette
Processing Manager

Loan Products

We have the right people—experts on each function of a product launch—that understand the importance of new products and are just really phenomenal at their jobs.

Anne Wolper
Director of Investor Relations & Product Development
Anne understands the big picture by getting into the small details. Her team works with Loan 
Officers to help more borrowers become homeowners.

Every Loan Officer is a product developer

We have an extensive list of new products that we continuously work on. Academy strives to prioritize the order that they’re going to be released based on requests from the field. Everyone has a voice, especially those working on the front lines.

We never sit still

We strive to be the first to market with cutting-edge products. The driving force behind our development approach is simple: give Loan Officers more ways to win business and help more people achieve their dream of homeownership. This means we’re constantly working to address today’s needs, launching new products monthly.

We create customized solutions

We know our Loan Officers work with partners like real estate agents, builders, CPAs, and more. We work together to create solutions for all of them. We give our Loan Officers the autonomy to structure deals differently. We always look for ways to say “yes.”

We offer national support at the regional level

Our product mix is what you would expect from a national lender. But every loan is designed for regional use—because product needs can differ based on location.

Why Academy

Academy Mortgage has the distinct advantage of being a direct lender with a vast product portfolio to match. This means you and your team will have the tools, resources, and solutions for even the most challenging scenarios.

Tools & Technology

We're committed to creating an environment where our Loan Officers 
can thrive, empowering them to deliver an unmatched and unrivaled customer experience.

Colby Jenson
Marketing Director-Digital Marketing
Colby is passionate about how he helps Loan Officers. With previous experience as a Loan Officer, he understands your desire (and struggle) to grow your business.

Help with the ‘how’

Every Loan Officer has access to a wide suite of tools and personalized support behind each one. Our Sales Support and Marketing Support teams have always got your back with years of experience so you can elevate your career with purpose.


Adding value by
building relationships

Our tools aren’t designed to just do a job. Through on-demand training with a knowledgeable support team, we elevate tools into relationship-builders. This makes it easier for Loan Officers to forge impactful, lasting relationships.

Always efficient,
always evolving

The bottom line: Our tools help improve your efficiency. And because your needs change from day to day, we’re always growing and optimizing our tools and technology to keep you ahead.

Architecting the tools to work for YOU

Why Academy

I was immediately impressed with the team of professionals that work at Academy, as well as their strong work ethic. The ultimate goal is always to provide the best service possible to customers and not give up when there are challenges. I constantly witness people going the extra mile to make sure a loan closes within the timeframe anticipated.

—Kirsten Waskuch
Loan Officer, Stowe, VT, NMLS #2075290


Academy delivers dedicated Marketing Support to make the field more efficient so our Loan Officers can do what they do best—originate loans on a daily basis


Multiple teams, one goal

Marketing Support is not just a team at our Home Office in Utah. You always have "boots on the ground" at the local level to help you with specialties like videography and event support. Beyond digital content and campaigns, our teams come together to support you in ways no other company can.

Custom creative services

Sure, we have plenty of templates and go-to marketing materials. But at Academy, you can also utilize our Creative Services team to accommodate your custom needs to build and strengthen your brand.

On-demand training, hands-on support

Yes, we train Loan Officers on how to use our wide suite of tools, then we add personalized support behind each one. Our approach to Marketing Support is never one-size-fits-all. We see every Loan Officer as a customer, too.
Personalized Branch and Loan Officer websites
Custom Marketing

Why Academy

I joined Academy because I was tired of wearing too many hats. With the support Academy provides, I can now concentrate on what I enjoy doing, originating loans.

—Britt Nolan
Senior Loan Officer, Bay City, MI, NMLS #130131


Academy offers every single employee the opportunity to be able to go out and help improve the world around us. More than giving us a lot of volunteer time, they organize it and make these efforts possible!

Kloi Layton
Regional Business Development Manager
Kloi is passionate about Academy’s culture, where people feel seen and always have the opportunity to grow.

Top Workplace

(Of any company, not just mortgage companies. For real!)
Our culture is the result of true support, passion, respect, and fostering opportunities to create life-changing experiences. Forbes has named Academy as one of America’s Best Midsize Employers for five years in a row.

Onboarding you to win

You’ll feel the family and teamwork spirit from day one. We want to see you grow and thrive. We make it our mission to welcome you with open arms and provide a smooth transition for you.

Invested in you

We’ve created a series of professional development programs designed to make you a more successful Loan Officer. Learn from the best with our Torch Bearer, and be inspired at our annual Leadership Summit.

Bucket list sales conferences

Our Loan Officers who qualify and are recognized for top production are rewarded with once-in-a-lifetime trips to desirable locations around the world. In a business where your economic potential is unlimited, Academy will help you take your career as far as you can imagine.

Life-changing Service Expeditions

Every team member can participate in our Service Expeditions, intended to partner with and help transform communities in need. We recognize that our business has a noble purpose. Our vision to Inspire Hope, Deliver Dreams, and Build Prosperity goes beyond loan files.

Why Academy

I choose Academy because the company has a soul and you're truly part of something special. The leaders here make everyone feel like family and the culture is nothing but nurturing. At Academy, numbers aren't the only gauge of success.

—Jamie Pollard
Sales Manager, Dalton, MA
NMLS #441889

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